Articles for the Month of September 2014

The Home Buying Process

I have recently (In the past month or so) started the process of buying a house. Now, this isn’t my first house, I’ve owned two others in the past, but this is the first time I’ve bought one as a single person. You would think it wouldn’t be materially different – and thus far it hasn’t been. With one exception – there’s no one else to rely on to find and submit all the paperwork. And now that I’m a little older than I was the first two times around, I have more bumps in my past that the bank wants to investigate. Things like – a divorce, a closed business, and a history of self employment.

Here’s where things get entertaining. The divorce was many years ago, and three years ago my house burned down. I no longer have a copy of my divorce paperwork, so I need to request it from the State of Texas. I’ve done that – now I just have to wait – but there’s always that little shred of doubt… what if it didn’t get filed properly… what if they can’t find it either… Yeah, not a pleasant road to go down.

The business was -just- closed. I mean, like July 28th. Now in theory this shouldn’t be a problem, there was no debt associated with it, and I wasn’t using the small amount of money I was getting from it towards my financing, but they still want to see all the tax records, balance sheets etc. Which is more than a bit of a hassle. (Not to mention the fact that my scanner decided last night that it wasn’t going to talk to my computer – so I had to spend an hour updating the drivers. Bonus: Now it works over wi-fi!)

And then they wanted an explanation of why I decided to go from a Self Employed person to a W2 filer on my Income Taxes. As I have in fact been doing both (Self employed AND working at least half time) for 3 years now, I don’t really see that it’s any of their business… but I’d like to actually purchase a house, so I wrote out a detailed work history for them.

Goodness only knows what else they will need before this is all over. My firstborn child? A contract in blood? Rights to my next three books? Here’s hoping I can get the divorce paperwork back from the State in a timely manner, and stay sane until this process is done.

So long and thanks for all the fish…

Or something like that. Dragon Con 2014 was a blast. There were massive amounts of people – so many so that I felt like I couldn’t move most of the time. So I didn’t. I stayed at the table and worked, or picked a spot and hung out. As always, seeing my friends was awesome, and for the first time ever I was selling something of my own – along with the Bards stuff of course.

Charisma +1 did really well – we sold out at the Bards table, and almost sold out at the publisher’s table. For the first time ever I attended room parties on Saturday night. (Primarily thanks to The Writer… thanks babe!) It was fun, and I met some cool people, but my voice was entirely gone by Sunday, which made selling really difficult. Thank you to one of the estimable members of Emerald Rose for providing me with home grown honey. It helped me survive Sunday, both for the sugar content and the throat soothing. I didn’t get to spend as much time with any of my friends as I would have liked, but I suppose that’s always the case. I do have every intention of returning again next year!