The Peak, The gardens, The movies & Great Food

Laphoto 2st week my parents descended upon me in Boulder for a week long visit. There was a great deal of good food consumed, and much visiting. The highlights included dinner at  a great little Mexican food place in Colorado Springs called Salsa Brava, Sushi in Longmont at Sakura, and steak at The Boulder Chophouse. In addition to the great food, we made the trek up Pike’s Peak (well, okay, so we drove to the top). The views on the way up were great, but the top was entirely clouded. The chill air was refreshing given that it’s mid-summer below.

We also had the chance to see Guardians of the Galaxy! It exceeded expectations by miles, and I’m pretty sure the parents enjoyed it too! The last stop for the wephoto 4ek was the Chihuly exhibit at the Denver Botanic Gardens. I had forgotten about the exhibit until we arrived, and I can say that it took my breath away. The exhibit covers the entire gardens, and crops up in the most unexpected places. It runs through Nov. 30th so I hope to see it another few times.

In addition, Steampunk Trails Vol 2 came out, with my first Captain Jac story, Bad Altitude, and the second Captain Jac story, Sapphire Eyes are Smiling,  is now available on Amazon for Kindle.



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