Roadtrip Recap

Last week I went on my first solo cross country road trip. Well… solo is a bit of a misnomer, Aslan, my gigantic golden retriever was co-pilot and general backseat driver. Turns out he’s an excellent road trip companion. We left on Saturday morning – not as early as I would have liked, but still at the respectable hour of ten a.m. The weather was great for driving, and miraculously there was almost no traffic.

I headed for a tiny little state park in eastern Oklahoma called Greenleaf State Park. Google deceived me thoroughly in this, telling me that it was only 11 hours away, when in fact it was 16. Luckily I did find it, and rolled into a campsite around 1am. This trip was somewhat of an experiment – I enjoy camping, but I don’t own a tent at the moment so I wanted to see what camping in the back of my truck was like, so I had a camp cot, and it was quite cozy with me and Aslan back there. After some re-arranging though we got it worked out. The benefit to driving 16 hours the first day – the second day of driving was much shorter.

On Sunday I had the good fortune to come across a fruit stand somewhere in Mississippi selling the most delicious peaches that I’ve had in years. They were perfectly ripe, dripping sweet golden juices with exactly the right amount of firmness. That alone made the entire trip worth the drive.

The week was spent visiting with my sister, her husband, and their 6 week old baby. In fact, a good portion of my week was spent holding the baby while he napped, napping with the baby, and generally being a lazy bum. I don’t think I got even 1000 words written on my current short story “Sapphire Eyes”

The drive back was equally pleasant, though I took a different route and missed the peach stand. Instead I stopped at the Russell Stover Chocolate factory in Kansas (Exit 272 on Interstate 70) and stocked up on tasty chocolates.

Music for the roadtrip included selections from this month’s Namely SJ Tucker and Pandora Celtica as well as selections from Bettman and Halpin and Emerald Rose.

My audio book – which lasted a good portion of the trip – was Outlander by Diana Gabaldon as read by Davina Porter (one of my favorite audio book readers)


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