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Action Figure
More and more I find, when attending conventions, that I actually have time to do things besides just work at a booth. This is a bit of a strange turn of events, and I’m find I’m not always sure what to do with myself.

I took Friday off from my day-job so that I could get down to Denver early and avoid the rush for Denver ComicCon. Boy I’m glad I did! It was packed on Friday. I managed to pass by the news crew at the right time and got a nice long pan shot of me in costume on the news. (I was unaware until a friend told me on FB.) And there was much silliness with the action figure booth. Jessica Panel

Instead of working at one booth I decided to run errands for several different ones WordFire Press, Dryad Tea, MalCon and a couple of others – and then when I desperately wanted to be behind a table I found an empty one next to a friend and handed out business cards. That went fairly well, Story of the Month Club got a few new subscribers, and I handed out lots of business cards.

On the whole it was a great time – I went to quite a few of the author panels this year and picked up a few tips, and on Sunday I was on a panel myself! I was invited to join the Women in Fiction panel and was thrilled to hang out with some incomparable ladies. After the panel I got a look at a photo of myself on stage – I swear I did actually have clothes on.writer panel

Sunday night finished up with dinner with a new friend while we waited for The Writer to finish closing up shop and join us. I had an absolutely lovely time. (I love making new friends!)

The fun didn’t stop there! On Monday I got some great news! For those of you that follow me on FB – this was the Big News Coming Soon post. I was offered a contract from WordFire press to publish my first book Charisma +1; The Guide to Convention Etiquette for Gamers, Geeks & the Socially Awkward. I’ve got a contract, so now it’s all official and stuff! Keep an eye out for more information on this project on Facebook.

My 3 Favorite Guys On Wednesday, Story of the Month Club was featured over at the Celtic Music Podcast hosted by Marc Gunn – if you like Celtic music, he’s the guy to know!

On the whole I’d say its been a banner week!

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