Articles for the Month of June 2014

Denver ComicCon & more!

Action Figure
More and more I find, when attending conventions, that I actually have time to do things besides just work at a booth. This is a bit of a strange turn of events, and I’m find I’m not always sure what to do with myself.

I took Friday off from my day-job so that I could get down to Denver early and avoid the rush for Denver ComicCon. Boy I’m glad I did! It was packed on Friday. I managed to pass by the news crew at the right time and got a nice long pan shot of me in costume on the news. (I was unaware until a friend told me on FB.) And there was much silliness with the action figure booth. Jessica Panel

Instead of working at one booth I decided to run errands for several different ones WordFire Press, Dryad Tea, MalCon and a couple of others – and then when I desperately wanted to be behind a table I found an empty one next to a friend and handed out business cards. That went fairly well, Story of the Month Club got a few new subscribers, and I handed out lots of business cards.

On the whole it was a great time – I went to quite a few of the author panels this year and picked up a few tips, and on Sunday I was on a panel myself! I was invited to join the Women in Fiction panel and was thrilled to hang out with some incomparable ladies. After the panel I got a look at a photo of myself on stage – I swear I did actually have clothes on.writer panel

Sunday night finished up with dinner with a new friend while we waited for The Writer to finish closing up shop and join us. I had an absolutely lovely time. (I love making new friends!)

The fun didn’t stop there! On Monday I got some great news! For those of you that follow me on FB – this was the Big News Coming Soon post. I was offered a contract from WordFire press to publish my first book Charisma +1; The Guide to Convention Etiquette for Gamers, Geeks & the Socially Awkward. I’ve got a contract, so now it’s all official and stuff! Keep an eye out for more information on this project on Facebook.

My 3 Favorite Guys On Wednesday, Story of the Month Club was featured over at the Celtic Music Podcast hosted by Marc Gunn – if you like Celtic music, he’s the guy to know!

On the whole I’d say its been a banner week!

Denver Comic Con

I am looking forward to Denver ComicCon next weekend – I anticipate meeting quite a few new people and getting a chance to hang out with some good friends. I will be running around checking on folks that I know – so if you’re working and you need someone to run get something, grab me as I fly by. This seems to be my modus operandi if I’m not actually working a table myself.

I will also have business cards for Story of the Month ClubTheCatNeverLeft to hand out – and if you’ve been waiting to get a subscription in person, I’m happy to accommodate! I’ll have a full mobile setup (in the form of my phone) and can take subscriptions on the fly.

Folks that sign up at DCC will have access to the June Story – The Cat Never Left by Peter J. Wacks.

I’m also looking forward to doing a dual cosplay with author Vivian Trask – Cecil and Carlos from the Welcome to NightVale Podcast.  This will be a first for me, so I’ll see how it goes. Should be fun regardless, and the outfit involves pockets, so that makes me happy. (And able to carry around chocolate to hand out to folks) Now I just have to finish it!

If you specifically need me to come by and check on you in your booth, please message me! See everyone on Friday!