Whiskey Ice Cream!

photo 2It felt like a really busy day today. I finally got a chance to set up a credit card reader for Story of the Month Club, so next time I’m at a convention I can sign people up in person! (Or of course you’re still welcome to sign up online – www.storyofthemonthclub.com )

Work itself was fairly busy, so I didn’t get a chance to write at all today, or work on my class. Tomorrow should be quieter though.

My office uses A Spice of Life
photo 1
catering in Boulder for quite a few events. Overall they’re great, and this evening they threw a party to show off their new venue in Boulder. Because we get so much catering from them, we (my office) were invited to attend. I have to say; there are some definite perks to my job. They were showing off their new menu, so there were lots of tasty eats. Particularly I admire the photo 3boldness of serving Whiskey ice cream. (Tasty but unexpected!) and deserts from Piece, Love, & Chocolate.

I did make time to walk the puppy and then run a mile or so after – third day in a row, and I’m starting to feel the running.

On the whole a good evening, and then home to work on a bunch of scheduling issues, and hopefully get at least a little bit of writing done.

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