Starfest recap!


The Doctor and Rose

Friday night I had a work event until late – the Thompson Writing Awards hosted by Center of the American West. We put on a banquet for the student winners of this year’s award. It was a fun event, and Stephen Graham Jones gave the keynote address. He’s a great speaker and has some great things to say about writing. If you ever get a chance, go hear him talk. I didn’t get done with cleanup from that event until after ten p.m. so I didn’t make it down to Starfest until late.

I met up with the Writer and a bunch of other friends and hung out in the bar area until nearly one a.m. catching up with everyone. Saturday was fantastic. I ran into Marc Gunn, I haven’t seem him since Dragon Con last year, along with a couple of other old friends. Dryad Tea agreed to let me put some of my new business cards out for Story of the Month Club, as did Marc and David Boop. (Check out their websites and send them a little love) For old times sake I worked Marc’s booth for a couple of hours (always a good time and I got to hang out with another friend in the process) and worked on handing out my new business cards.

I am really excited about this new project. When we get it up and running it will be a great deal for authors and readers alike. The basic idea is that, for less than the cost of a latte each month we’ll send subscribers a short story that they can read on their kindle, iPad or other eReader. When we get to 1000 subscribers we’ll be able to pay the authors professional rates for their work. (Sometimes we’ll send out bonus stories too!) I primarily plan on focusing on sci-fi and fantasy for the moment, and then expanding to include other genres as we get more subscribers. If this sounds interesting to you (or you know someone who enjoys sci-fi and fantasy) please subscribe, support the arts, and tell people about what we’re doing. A year’s subscription works out to $18 a year.

Saturday evening I was surprised to run into Stephen Graham Jones at the con, so I followed him to IMG_0482his panel. (I apologize to everyone for coming in late, and with such a loud jingle skirt on! I forgot how loud it is in small spaces.) I was equally surprised to see that a good portion of my other friends were also on the panel. I’m not a really a horror fan, but hearing what everyone had to say about their favorite horror writers, and how they write horror themselves was pretty entertaining.

Saturday I also had a chance to watch the costume contest. There were some amazing costumes this year and I applaud everyone who entered.

Sunday I checked in with Marc before his first show, and I’m glad I did. He wasn’t feeling well, so I worked his table all day

Laramie and Me working Marc Gunn's booth

Laramie and Me working Marc Gunn’s booth

with his other booth person. It also gave me the chance to hear the Stubby Shillelaghs again. They’re local, and a lot of fun. We did pretty well at the booth while Marc rested, and I managed to hand out a lot more business cards. (Here’s hoping it generates some traffic!)   Overall it was a great weekend, I got quite a few pictures and I had a great time hanging out with everyone and meeting new friends. I look forward to seeing everyone again at DCC in June!

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