Book Review: Sabaska’s Tale by J.A. Campbell

This book reminds me strongly of a line from Carbon Leaf’s “A Girl and Her Horse”

There’s no use to wait
A girl and her horse will never separate
You were done before
The gun at the starting gate

The story is about a teenage girl (Anna) who loves horses and intends to spend the summer at her recently deceased grandmother’s horse ranch. During the course of the summer she will be selling off the horses and closing up the property. That is… until she discovers that one of the horses, Sabaska, is different and can Travel with her to other realms. After that discovery she spends a great deal of time dodging bad guys and trying to stay alive while finishing her grandmother’s last quest.

It is a story of growth, opportunity and maturation for Anna and introduces us to the world of the Travelers. This is the first novel of the Tales of the Travelers series and J.A. Campbell does an excellent job with her settings and story. I felt like one or two of her characters could have been more developed but I expect they will show up again in subsequent books and give us a more in depth view of their personalities.

This is a good young adult book, especially for those who share J.A. Campbell’s fascination with horses and like a touch of fantasy.

You can purchase this book on Amazon.

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