Book Review: The Abnorm Chronicles: Twist by Kevin J. Anderson

Book Review: The Abnorm Chronicles: Twist by Kevin J. Anderson

Due to the happy circumstance of being forced to sit in a Barnes and Nobles for two hours, I finally had a chance to finish Twist by Kevin J. Anderson. The book is Brilliant. (Ok, so it’s an inside joke, but I really enjoyed the book, go read it, you’ll see what I mean.)

The book is a murder mystery involving a disabled vet, set in Denver with some… unusual participants. I know a lot of people, when they ready mysteries try and solve the case before the author wants you to, or skip to the last page to get a jump on things. That’s not how I go about reading them, I like waiting to see how the author unfolds the story, so I suspect I figured out who the murderer was about the time he wanted me to. It was a well thought out plot, twisted in it’s own way.

I found the vast majority of the characters to be engaging and engrossing. In reading through the book, my only real complaint was that, though some of the dream sequences were necessary to help build the background of the main character Adam, I didn’t need as many as I got. On the whole it’s a minor complaint.

Murder mysteries aren’t my normal cup of tea, but I’m glad I picked this one up. You can purchase a copy on amazon

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