Articles for the Month of April 2014

Book Review: Sabaska’s Tale by J.A. Campbell

This book reminds me strongly of a line from Carbon Leaf’s “A Girl and Her Horse”

There’s no use to wait
A girl and her horse will never separate
You were done before
The gun at the starting gate

The story is about a teenage girl (Anna) who loves horses and intends to spend the summer at her recently deceased grandmother’s horse ranch. During the course of the summer she will be selling off the horses and closing up the property. That is… until she discovers that one of the horses, Sabaska, is different and can Travel with her to other realms. After that discovery she spends a great deal of time dodging bad guys and trying to stay alive while finishing her grandmother’s last quest.

It is a story of growth, opportunity and maturation for Anna and introduces us to the world of the Travelers. This is the first novel of the Tales of the Travelers series and J.A. Campbell does an excellent job with her settings and story. I felt like one or two of her characters could have been more developed but I expect they will show up again in subsequent books and give us a more in depth view of their personalities.

This is a good young adult book, especially for those who share J.A. Campbell’s fascination with horses and like a touch of fantasy.

You can purchase this book on Amazon.

Book Review: The Abnorm Chronicles: Twist by Kevin J. Anderson

Book Review: The Abnorm Chronicles: Twist by Kevin J. Anderson

Due to the happy circumstance of being forced to sit in a Barnes and Nobles for two hours, I finally had a chance to finish Twist by Kevin J. Anderson. The book is Brilliant. (Ok, so it’s an inside joke, but I really enjoyed the book, go read it, you’ll see what I mean.)

The book is a murder mystery involving a disabled vet, set in Denver with some… unusual participants. I know a lot of people, when they ready mysteries try and solve the case before the author wants you to, or skip to the last page to get a jump on things. That’s not how I go about reading them, I like waiting to see how the author unfolds the story, so I suspect I figured out who the murderer was about the time he wanted me to. It was a well thought out plot, twisted in it’s own way.

I found the vast majority of the characters to be engaging and engrossing. In reading through the book, my only real complaint was that, though some of the dream sequences were necessary to help build the background of the main character Adam, I didn’t need as many as I got. On the whole it’s a minor complaint.

Murder mysteries aren’t my normal cup of tea, but I’m glad I picked this one up. You can purchase a copy on amazon

Weekend Recap

Wow it was a busy weekend, both on the productive side, and the socializing side.

Friday night The Writer and ventured out to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I really enjoyed the storyline of the movie and thought it was well done. I could have done with about twenty minutes fewer explosions though. There were several action scenes that were purely gratuitous. On the whole though it was a fun movie.

Saturday I had the opportunity to spend the day down in Monument visiting a friend’s place. It’s been a while since I had the opportunity to take my doggie to the mountains, so he came with me and we hiked around a bit, then chilled out and read The Lady Astronomer.  Saturday evening I attended a party at said friend’s house and had a lovely time socializing with friends old and new

Sunday I slept in. Boy I do enjoy sleeping in. I also got quite a bit of work done on a new, yet to be revealed project that you will be hearing much about in the future. Keep an eye out, it’s really cool.

I also migrated this website over to a new hosting account. Not all of the links are working yet – sorry about that. Hope to have that fixed soon.






Book Review – The Lady Astronomer by Katy O’Dowd

I had the lovely experience of spending a recent Saturday afternoon with no internet access. To pass the time I picked up my copy of The Lady Astronomer and dove in. I can say without a doubt that the book and its characters are charming and inviting.

The story follows Lucretia, a studious and budding astronomer, her pets (An owl and a lemur) and her brothers, an astronomer and an inventor as they work to build a Forty Foot Telescope for the king.

I feel like this is a good book for young adults. From start to finish it took me about three hours to read. Parts of the story line feel a bit contrived, and I feel like some of the place descriptions could have been fleshed out a bit more, but the characters are likable, and it made for an afternoon’s pleasant reading. Also, I now want a lemur. Not an actual lemur, but rather one like the one Ms. O’Dowd writes about.