Eyestrain – it’s not a writer’s friend

I’ve been struggling to actually keep up with my writing for the past few weeks -turning out about 1000 words a day, if that. This morning, I finally figured out what the main problem actually was… it hurts to look at my computer screen.

Now, I HAVE a set of computer glasses, when I started my most recent 8-5 job I noticed that I was having some issues, so I took the time to go get a special prescription. But then again… it does’t help to have computer glasses if you don’t actually wear them. I’ve had a low level eye strain headache for the past three weeks. Yesterday I made a concerted effort to turn off all of my electronics and not look at computer screens for a while.

Today I spent two hours with my glasses off, listening to an audio book (Kushiel’s Dart by Jacqueline Carey for those that are curious – love the book AND I love the reader they got for it) Finally about noon my eyes started to hurt less. I think it’s going to take another few days to fully recover though, even as I type this, I can feel the strain coming back.

Remember folks, don’t stare at your computer screens for too long.

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