Review: Bloodletting Part 1 – Peter J. Wacks and Mark Ryan

Bloodletting_Cover_FinalThis is the first book in a new Epic Fantasy series, the Affinities Cycle, by Peter J. Wacks and Mark Ryan. It can be purchased through this month alongside books by Neil Gaiman, Brandon Sanderson, Kevin J. Anderson and more. (It’s a steal at this price).

I had the opportunity to read Bloodletting Part 1 this weekend during a plane ride to and from Denver, not ideal circumstances I admit. Chapter 0, necessary for giving an overview of the world, was denser than I generally care for. The story starts at Chapter 1, in an idyllic fantasy novel setting – the small village.

Shortly thereafter the screams of small children accompanied me as I dove into the first battle scene in the book. They provided an appropriate soundtrack to feel like I had been transported as the kidnapping, death and destruction began.

After the initial shock of battle and the ensuing chase the book calms down, allowing us to get to know the main characters, Tetra and his sister Halli, as well as some of the new races that Mr. Wacks and Mr. Ryan introduce us to. We get a great look at Tetra’s motivations and determination, as well as the bond that sustains both he and his sister through their trials and tribulations. (And they are many and varied.)

This book feels like what it is – the first book in what will hopefully be a much longer series. Well written and engaging, in the vein of George R.R. Martin, but not as intimidatingly long, it’s worth picking up.

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