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Image.ashxHello Fellow Book Lovers!

I freely admit that the authors below are friends of mine, that this is promotional, and that it would really help the authors out if you downloaded their books. (at least that’s what they tell me. Feel free to share with your friends) Each book you download counts as a SALE, not a freebie, towards the book’s ISBN number and boosts it up through the ranks of what it ‘popular’. You have to sign in to your account and put in a card # to get to the ‘check out’, there you can put in the code, and it will change the price to $0.00. It does this because it really does count as a purchase for the authors, not a free give away.

Kobo books (technically Kobo Writing Life) and The Tattered Cover book store are giving away 4 books (in e-format) for FREE! This expires 3/1/2014.

I would encourage you to go and download the following books because:
a) it’s free (I haven’t read all of them yet, but Sam Knight does great work)
b) it would really help the authors out.

c) you get four new books to add to your e-devices.

In order to get them for free you have to ‘buy’ each one of them individually using the code tatteredfree if you have more than one in your cart, the code will only be applied to one of them, so download them one at a time.

Here are the links:

A Whiskey Jack in a Murder of Crows by Sam Knight

Gears and Levers 3 By Phyllis Irene Radford
Penny Dread Tales Volume III By Christopher Ficco

Voices on the Wind By Quincy J. Allen

If you follow the links, and select “buy e-book now”, it will take you to the book’s page on Kobo. If you select buy now, it will ask you to sign up for Kobo if you don’t already have an account (you need an account to keep track of what books you own) or put in in your cart if you  do have an account.

MAKE SURE you use the COUPON CODE! Don’t buy it! This is a special promotion! It’s free

COUPON CODE is:      tatteredfree


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