Denver Botanic Gardens

20131030-112520.jpg Well, originally I was going to write a blog about the office cutie, and I still will at some point, but right now I’m sitting out at the Denver Botanical Gardens on a glorious fall day, in an unexpected nook, and I find myself completely enchanted.

Tucked away in a back corner of the gardens is an enclosed iron gazebo, perhaps technically a greenhouse, painted green to mimic the color of aged copper. There are windows to keep out the elements, and a lovely set of wrought iron lamps to light it for use at night. (For special occasions I suspect) The wrought iron scrollwork that covers the outside is, I think, really what has captured my imagination. I can just see this place on some rich estate, where two young lovers meet up to tryst, or where a bevy of older ladies meet for mid afternoon tea, or where you would shelter from an unexpected rainstorm. It seems like something you would see at Downton Abby. It is well supplied with tables and comfortable outdoor chairs, wicker looking, but considerably more comfortable.

The fall colors in the trees surrounding the building are an absolute riot of oranges, reds, yellows and greens. And it’s so very peaceful. This could well be my current new favorite spot in Denver. Occasionally one of the visitors to the gardens will wander in, poke around and wander out again, and it’s not silent; I can hear children laughing a good ways away, and the conversation of sedate adults as they enjoy the scenery.

I expect once winter sets in, it’s really too cold to sit out here much, and I equally suspect that during high summer it’s much too hot, but right now, at the end of October, it’s perfect. Here’s hoping that November has quite a few pleasant and warm days!

2 comments on “Denver Botanic Gardens

    1. Jessica

      It was really gorgeous, I hope to get there a lot next summer.

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