Mile High Con 45

Whereas MalCon was the Unexpected Convention for me, and I waffled back and forth, once I had secured a pass for MileHigh Con I was certain I was going to go. This time, instead of working for musicians, I was working for Author Paul Lell of Kalijor Press. (Go check him out; his books are fun).

There wasn’t all that much time between MalCon and Mile High Con, but even so, I determined that I wanted to create a new CosPlay outfit, portraying the main character in Paul’s books. So I started poking around online, and seeing how much it would cost, and I emailed Paul to see if he had any suggestions. Boy am I glad I did – he had already created the outfit for one of his previous helpers, and I was welcome to see if it fit (and it did!). That saved a lot of time and effort on my part (Thanks Paul!) My contribution to the outfit, other than boots, was the purchase of a LOT of temporary tattoos. Read the books; then you’ll understand why.

Friday I was able to leave work early and head down to Denver. Thankfully a friend offered to help me apply the tattoos. I should have counted how many we used, but sadly I only just now thought of it. Needless to say, there were a lot. After I’d managed to get into my costuming, I headed over to the con. There was a bit of a snafu at check-in, they didn’t seem to have my badge. But since I had proof of purchase they wrote up another one for me. As it turns out, Paul had picked up my badge, so I had an extra one. I gifted it to the daughter of a friend of mine, and she had a –great- time.


It’s really interesting walking around in a wig, with contacts instead of glasses, and covered in tattoos – even fake ones. A number of people came up and asked if the tattoos were real, and a few people said they were too intimidated to come up and talk to me, until I spoke to them first. There were a number of people who didn’t recognize me, a few of whom had to talk to me for several minutes before they figured it out. The fact that The Ex was one of those people amuses me to no end.

The con itself was fairly mellow. I was able to chat with several of the regular con-goers and catch up. I met a lot of new people, and in a weird twist of fate, I –actually- remember their names. That never happens. I even started up a new flirtationship! Those are always a good time, and he seemed in no-way offended when I declined to get together with him outside the con.

I had the opportunity to hang out more with The Writer, but since he was working, and I was also working, we mainly waved in passing during con hours. I did get the chance to go to an author reading with several different folks and hear him read a short piece, and also to get together briefly for ‘drinks’ with him at one point.

On the whole, the con was fun, but thankfully not exhausting. Working for Paul wasn’t terribly taxing, but even with the relaxed schedule I didn’t get up to nearly as much mischief as I have at past conventions. Onward to the next one!

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