The Writer

20131013-184104.jpg Well, so I haven’t blogged recently on dating because I haven’t been dating a lot lately. Since the move I’ve been trying to settle in, and then there was the flood, and well..etc.
This past week I recently met up with a new gentleman, we’ll call him The Writer. His company has proven to be exceptionally entertaining, and I hope to enjoy considerably more of it. We’ve been out several times in the past few weeks, and seem to have a fair bit in common. During our conversations, at one point I was explaining my plight with the insurance company (Basically I have 15 days or so to finish buying stuff for reimbursement from State Farm) He suggested we visit several of his favorite bookstores in a wild attempt to replenish my bookshelves all at once. I think we did an admirable job. I now have several first run copies of classic fantasy and sci-fi, including a rare young adult book by Isaac Asimov that Amazon values at near $100. I got it for $2. I would not have even thought of getting it if not for my new friend. In addition, I found several new books to read, and several authors that I love.

My main bookcase is now stacked double on all but one shelf, and I had to free up space on my secondary shelf to make room for all of the new cookbooks. After our lovely trip around to the bookstores he treated me to dinner at a local Mexican restaurant and then left me to get ready for the costume party I was going to later in the evening.

The costume party was great fun; I ran into several folks that I know. Apparently they were all of the mind that I should have brought my earlier date with me to the party, the more the merrier. I’m not sure how he would have felt about that though. One thing at a time I suppose. I anticipate I will be seeing him again.

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