Malcon – the Unexpected Convention

20130930-162629.jpg I was originally planning on going to this convention, and then, due to the high potential for drama with the Ex and his GF, was planning on not going, and then I wobbled back and forth several times, and then Thursday morning I was chatting with the owner/organizer and she commented that she’d already printed up my badge with my name on it and everything…so then I was going.

This was a great first year convention. I got there Friday evening and the registration table was well organized, people seemed to know what they were doing, and directing people to the right places. The t-shirts, programs and badges designed by Chaz Kemp looked awesome. I had the opportunity to catch up with a number of my friends, and people that I pretty much only get to see at conventions. It was really great to see everyone. Thankfully Friday night I managed to crash with a friend in Denver, so I didn’t have to make the drive home.

I really love going to conventions. It’s a fun place to flirt outrageously with everyone, and not be taken too seriously by anyone. I wouldn’t want to live in a convention atmosphere all the time mind you, it would get old not ever getting taken seriously but for a weekend now and again it’s great. Sadly, on most of my dates if I flirt pretty much at all, my date immediately takes that to mean that I want to hop into bed with them. Some people take life way to seriously. Flirting is easily half the fun, and should not be taken to mean more.

Saturday I didn’t actually show up at the convention until late. I had some prior adventures already planned, and they took longer than anticipated. (And were also a lot of fun) I did get there in time to hear Pandora Celtica’s set at the Buccaneer Bash. (Which was great. If you’re local to the Front Range, and you like acapella music you should check them out.) I spent a good portion of the evening flirting with a lovely writer gentleman. Very likely he falls in the category of “really I should know better, he’s a bit old for me” but I had a great time, and as we didn’t exchange numbers, likely he will end up being one of my convention friends that I see a few times a year, and not someone that I will go out with on a regular basis. I left about half way through the kilt blowing – there are some things I just really don’t need to see more than once.

Sunday I finally managed to get down to the convention around noon. Despite the relative simplicity of my outfit, it required some tailoring before it fit properly, and that took a little while. As always on the Sunday of a convention, I made my way through the dealer’s room and purchased the couple of items that I wanted. Mostly books this year. (If you go to any of the local conventions and you like tea, make sure to check out the Dryad Tea booth. They’re always awesome.)

The vast majority of the rest of my day was spent flirting with another wonderful gentleman that I run into regularly at these conventions. That is one thing I enjoy about being part of the convention circuit. You make friends, and even if you only see them a few times a year they’re almost always happy to see you, and because you only see them a few times a year they’re not bogged down in whatever everyday drama is going on in your life. Nor do you have to be bogged down in theirs. It’s very refreshing. As the day closed out on Sunday I made one last trip through the dealer’s room to say goodbye to folks. Networking is a wonderful thing. As I was saying goodbye, one of my author friends, Paul Lell (go buy his stuff), offered me a ticket to Mile High con if I’d come help work his table. So, hopefully I will be seeing most of the wonderful people I saw this weekend again in three weeks.

May you live in interesting times is not –always- a curse.

Edit: for those of you wondering Malcon is Myths and Legends Convention

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  1. Just Me

    Yeah– it is that way with many groups, and is a lot of fun. When I substitute these part time buddies for real time friends then I lose the daily connectedness to the human race that we all need. There are some exceptions. We just went to Miami to see one of the convention friends that over the past many years became much more– but she is the exception. Glad you were able to find some entertainment.

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