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20130926-113128.jpgThere are many different aspects to being single, not just the entertainment of the dating scene. (Though that can certainly be fun) I’ve slowed down on dating a bit, as I try and wrap my head around being in a new place, a new job, having to walk my dog twice a day, and dealing with a bunch of stuff surrounding the recent flooding in Colorado. (I’m fine, I did not flood, but there is a bunch of stuff to be dealt with anyway).

One thing that I hadn’t considered before is the annoyance of cooking for one. When you’re living with someone you can cut most recipes from four servings down to two if you don’t want leftovers. I am not a fan of most leftovers, and find that they don’t get eaten, go bad in the fridge and become a science project that I then have to clean out later. I prefer not to waste the food, or the money. This does leave me in a bit of a fix though, as I do enjoy cooking and eating good food.

There are a couple of work around options to this – I could patronize Whole Foods a lot more often. I hear that their takeout sushi is actually half way decent, and they do have a wonderful looking hot foods section. Of course I would in pretty short order go bankrupt from paying their prices, but I would eat well in the process.

I could go vegan like the rest of Boulder. This doesn’t really solve my cooking for one problem though, as the vegan cookbooks are also geared towards cooking up at least four servings. And really – I like steak. And chicken. And fish. And although cutting back on meat IS good for you, I’m not actually convinced that eating nothing but vegetables and tofu is.

I could cook for two and take the leftovers as lunch the next day (that way they’re leftovers for less than 24 hours) – ok, so this is a decent idea, and I do this about half the time.

I could keep everything on hand to make cheese and cold cut plates all the time. This works great in the summer, particularly when it’s too hot to cook anyway. It’s very tasty, if you’re getting expensive cheeses or sausages, it can be pricy at the outset, but since they usually last for a while you’ve got meals for at least 3-4 days. It’s great for summer, but winter is coming. I need some hot alternatives.

I could live on pasta with a variety of sauces – ok, so this is what I have actually been doing as it gets chillier. I like pasta, it’s easy to cook, cheap, tasty depending on the sauce, and has very little nutritional value unless you dress it up with veggies and/or meat. But since I’d prefer not to gain 50lbs in the next 6 months, I need another option.

Keep an eye out– as I come up with decent recipes for one person I’ll post them here.

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  1. Just Me

    Just FYI– cooked food lasts 7 to 10 days in the refrigerator and is often a great ingredient for seasoning new dishes. I rarely cook anything that does not include alt east some form of leftover(unless it is for a big party). It is much tastier than when it is cooked the first time.

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