Human nature -a rant at an inappropriate time.

In the vast scheme of things, everything I am about to write here below is unimportant. It is also a bit of a rant (sorry, I’m stressed out) If you were looking for deep insights about the flooding and devastation in Colorado I don’t have them. I did however learn two important if unfortunate lessons about human nature this weekend. 1. Some people really ARE that selfish and out of touch with the reality around them. 2. Some people are seriously lacking in good common sense about what is appropriate, even in an emergency.

1. You may have read my blog about “The Dating Professional” – well, generally I thought favorably of him, and so agreed to a second date. I would classify that date as not really very well done on his part, though he pulled it out at the end. I had just had a major verbal altercation with someone when I showed up, and was visibly upset. (This is unusual for me, but he had no way of knowing that) I told him that, and that I needed a bit to collect myself, and as I was trying to collect myself he went into, well – not really a tirade, but a series of complaints about what I wrote about him in my blog, and how hurtful it was. Well if you’ve read the blog, it’s actually fairly positive, but everyone is entitled to their feelings. After this hour-long discourse about what a crappy person I was for writing my opinions, it did cast a bit of a pall over the rest of the evening. Nevertheless I agreed to try for a third date given that my initial bad mood was none of his doing. We had to re-schedule twice, once due to my being sick, once due to his something-or-other. We finally rescheduled for this past Friday. Which as all of you in Colorado know, was right in the middle of the largest flood Colorado has likely ever seen. I texted him on Friday to say that I thought getting together might be a bad idea given the circumstances; all of the emergency channels were asking people to stay off the roads and in their houses, roads were collapsing, bridges were out, even if none of this was in our personal immediate areas. I promptly got a response of “well, you should come to my house then” – no. “Well, I could come to your house then” – no. I just don’t want to get together. “well it’s not raining NOW” I already wasn’t feeling great about this date, and his pushiness pretty much cemented THAT. So after I didn’t respond for a while, I got this long series of text messages about how he had wanted to spend this evening with me, he had set the time aside in his schedule and how he’d met lots of other nice women, and how I was just too difficult to get together with, that the weather was fine and he didn’t see the problem, so he wanted nothing more to do with me. (Ok, fine, he wasn’t all that, and he’s allowed to think that about me too) But seriously; we are in the middle of the worst natural flood disaster the state has ever seen, people around us (not just people – my friends) are losing there homes, their lives and their livelihoods, and the ONE request that emergency personnel are making is to stay off the streets and not become part of the problem. And you want to go on a date. And you’re offended that I don’t. Get over yourself.

2. As many of you know, I am single (hence the name of the blog) and for the most part I have not discussed the reasons for that here. Nor will I. However, my ex and I are …trying…to be friends. I don’t know that it’s a good idea, but nevertheless we are trying. In addition to being my ex, he is also my business partner. He is one of the people living in Jamestown, a small mountain community that was –entirely- cut off by flooding. Before the phone lines were cut I was in communication with him, and agreed to keep his Facebook fan page updated with his status, so his fans and friends would have information. He has also passed me messages through friends up there that were evacuated. In addition to that, I stay in contact with his parents, because they are super nice people and I like them.

I did not however agree to keep his girlfriend updated, nor do I feel any call to do so. She is the primary (not the only) reason that I lost my best friend, the love of my life, and my home. She also maintains that she had absolutely nothing to do with it, which is decidedly deluded and misguided – but hey, whatever helps her sleep at night. My feelings towards her are – to put it politely – not charitable. So when she contacted me on Saturday night (I’m pretty sure it was Saturday, but the days have run together a bit) I politely told her to never contact me again for any reason. To which I got the rather rude reply that I was “A real piece of work” and that I needed to “Grow up” and that she’s “ not the reason that things didn’t work out with the two of us” All of which are a bit counter productive to someone trying to find out information from a hostile source. And really, in what universe do you think your boyfriend’s ex girlfriend, who loathes you and has made that abundantly clear, is going to be happy about a) hearing from you and b) providing you with assistance. I am a font of patience, understanding and helpfulness in most situations, but even I have my limits. ( it likely also didn’t help that quite a few women have contacted me directly to pass messages along to him, most of whom didn’t bother to ask how my situation was)

Thankfully the flooding did not impact my new residence. I do have about half my stuff stored up in Jamestown, with no way to check on it, and in talking to the insurance company, no recourse if it is damaged. I think it is most likely intact, but I won’t know for a long while. If it’s gone, well, its just stuff. (Stuff I like mind you, but just stuff) If it’s not gone, then 6 months to a year from now I’ll get to have stuff again.

My heart goes out to everyone who did lose a home, a loved one, a business, or a pet. And to those who suffered the trauma of being here and not being able to do anything as we watched everything wash away, even if you didn’t personally lose any stuff, peace of mind is definitely gone for the present. Please keep Colorado in your prayers and donate generously to the relief funds if you are able. Photo of Jamestown courtesy of Matthew Gurnsey


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