Dragon Con – traveling

I am finally starting to get ready for Dragon Con. It’s already an adventure…originally I planned on taking all day on Thursday off from work so that I could pack and relax and have a travel day.

Well, scratch that plan. I accidentally scheduled a meeting at work that I have to attend. Mind you, I didn’t know I had to attend it when I scheduled it. So tomorrow, I will be showing up at work at 7:30am for an 8:00am meeting, driving directly from work to the dog sitter’s house, going from there to the airport and flying to Atlanta.

Once I get to Atlanta, I somehow have to be in two places at once (I’m pretty sure I can manage this with some creative texting) and get everything organized for the next day craziness that is Dragon Con.

For anyone looking for me, I will be at the Brobdingnagian Bards table in the Marriot Marquis Level near the Walk of Fame. Come by and say hi!

There is a possibility that we will be short staffed at the table due to a family emergency (not mine) if I already know you, and you’re willing to volunteer for a few hours, please come by and see me on Friday morning. See you at the Con!

The Brobdingnagian Bard Schedule is as follows: (subject to change)
1:00-2:00 pm : What Is Filk? (Baker, Hyatt 138)
2:30-3:30 pm: Meet & Greet: Performers, Fans, and Staff (Baker, Hyatt 138)
2:30-3:30 pm : How to Make Money With Your Podcast with Marc Gunn (Hilton 203)
10:00-11:00 pm : Brobdingnagian Bards Concert (Hyatt International North)

1:00-1:30 pm Concourse show
2:30-3:30 pm : InstaFilk! (Baker, Hyatt 138)
11:30-12:30 pm : Brobdingnagian Bards (Baker, Hyatt 138)

11:30-12:30 : Name that Tune with Andrew McKee (Baker, Hyatt 138)
1:00-2:00 pm : Workshop, Music Business 101 with Marc Gunn (Baker, Hyatt 138)
4:00-5:00 pm : Workshop – How to Record, Mix, and Master your music with Andrew McKee (Baker, Hyatt 138)
7:00-8:00 pm : Hobbit Drinking Songs
10:00-11:00 pm : Brobdingnagian Bards Concert (Hyatt Int’l North)

11:30-12:30 : Podcasting Your Music with Marc Gunn (Hilton 203)
2:30-3:30 pm : Pub Songs Podcast Live! – Marc Gunn’s ONE SOLO SHOW of the year!

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