From the Dating Archives: Seriously Annoying Talkative Guy

20130821-172544.jpgHow’d you like a nickname like that? Unfortunately, once a nickname comes to mind for someone, it usually sticks. (As an example, the very nice people that lived just down the road from me became the industrious hippies. I have no recollection of their actual names, but they were definitely industrious, as I watched them transform their mess of a backyard into a veritable cornucopia of gardens. I believe she made bead jewelry for a living…hence the hippy. ) I digress.

I met this gentleman online, as with many of my potential dates; the significant difference being, he actually was a gentleman. For our first date we met up at 29th street mall, with the intention of going somewhere else from there. He didn’t look much like his photo, so I almost didn’t recognize him. His opening gambit into conversation was, of all things, politics. Now, most of you who know me know that I am a moderate Republican. When I say moderate Republican…that’s only because of the state I currently live in. When I lived in Texas, I was considered a moderate Democrat. My ideas haven’t changed, just the bent of the people around me.

After determining that we would go to Red Lobster for dinner, he returned to the topic of politics. What followed can only be described as comical, entertaining, and disturbing at the same time. The gentleman in question was not born in the US. As I recall, he was actually Australian. We proceeded to have an extremely lively debate on American Politics …for 7 hours. It was exhausting. In addition, he was so extreme in his socialist views that I actually found myself offended; and I am not easily offended. After 7 hours of this, where I swear he must not have taken more than one breath every 10 minutes, I finally managed to tell him that I had to go, that my poor puppy would be starving. (Thank goodness for puppies!)

I did agree to see him again, because despite his extreme views, he was actually well spoken, and if he could put that sort of energy into discussing other topics then he might be someone fun to associate with.

The second date – was cancelled due to flu.

The second attempt at a second date – We did actually managed to discuss literature, popular culture and local attractions – for about an hour and a half – before the topic went right back to politics. And then there was another 5 hours of politics. Because he was so very talkative, and so seldom came up for breath, I couldn’t get a word in edgewise even to excuse myself from the conversation. Again, I found myself becoming angry and offended, which is such a novel feeling for me when discussing politics. After I managed to escape (because believe me, it was indeed escape) I promised myself I would tell him ‘no’ if he asked me out again. He did ask me out again, and I didn’t tell him no…what I did instead was promptly come down with the flu. No really… I actually had the flu. So after trying to re-schedule about 3 times he finally gave up. Not my finest moment in being assertive, but I truly couldn’t get a word in edgewise.

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