Moving in

20130820-090139.jpg The past week or so has seen me busy with settling in at my new place, trying to unpack, and adjusting my schedule to accommodate walking my dog twice a day. Honestly, the last one, along with re-kennel training my cat, has been the most challenging. (Yes cats can be kennel trained, and I DO recommend it).

After I got everything unpacked, I discovered that I have too much furniture for the space that I’m renting. Basically I’m renting a room in a house. It’s a bigger room than I had before, but in addition to all of the furniture in my old room, I’ve added a large dog kennel, a small cat kennel, two bookshelves, and a king size bedframe, with a queen size bed on it (it came that way, and I didn’t have to pay for it, so I’m not complaining) I finally managed to get everything organized, but there will be a few things that I have to take back to storage.

Walking the dog twice a day has been both challenging and educational. If I walk the dog at 6am, there is no one around and I have the paths mostly to myself, if I walk the dog at 7am, it’s like grand central station. Evening walks are of a similar bent. Thankfully Aslan, (my dog) has improved his walking skills considerably in the past week. He is no longer dragging me all over creation every time he sees a new doggie friend, he his happy to walk without pulling on the leash, most of the time at least, and everyone says how pretty he is. (This is despite his desperately needing a bath.) The most challenging thing now seems to be walking by the prairie dog colony. Did you know that Prairie Dogs sound just like squeaker toys?

Re-kennel training the cat involved several nights of being woken up at 3:00am by a very loud cat. Mischief is accustomed to spending nights outside hunting, and really that’s what he’d rather be doing. The first night he woke me up yowling I caught him and put him in the kennel. The second night he woke me up with his yowling I put him in the dog’s kennel. (That was entertaining for me, but he didn’t much care for it. I think Aslan explained proper kennel behavior to him though.) The third night he spent – most – of the night in his own kennel and only mewed a bit. The last two nights he hasn’t made a peep until my alarm goes off in the morning. Progress.

We’ll see how both of them do when I return from my vacation.

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