Moving is no fun…

Moving is no fun… everyone knows that, and unlike some things that “everyone knows” this one is true. Last night I moved from the house in the mountains that I helped build, to one bedroom in a house in Boulder. The new place isn’t bad mind you, my bedroom is actually bigger, there’s just a lot more stuff in it. (And all the stuff is piled around, once it’s organized, hopefully it will be fine.)

I took off work 2 hours early yesterday, and thank goodness for that! Originally we (me and my lovely assistant) had estimated that it would take 2 truck-loads to get all of my stuff down, plus a trip to Longmont to pick up a bed that someone was very kindly giving to me. Well, we were off by one.

When I got to the house after work, it was naturally pouring down rain – but since we had to move everything from my second floor bedroom, we just started schlepping stuff down the stairs until the rain let up.

The first load was all of the big stuff – bookcases, a big chair, a brand new chest freezer…that sort of stuff, so though it was a very full load there wasn’t actually all that much stuff in it. Somehow, despite my best efforts, the guy helping me out ended up doing a lot of the heavy lifting. (This is only a problem because he has a back problem, and I always feel bad about making it worse). First load accomplished without too much of a headache, and only a tiny bit of rain.

Since we were running a bit early, we headed back up to Jamestown to get the second load. Naturally, as soon as we start loading the truck, it starts raining again. This load was primarily light weight stuff thankfully, and quite a bit of it. Only one piece of furniture got water-damaged, and I’m hoping I can fix it.

After the second load from Jamestown, we trekked over to Longmont to pick up this bed. Now – I’m getting this bed sight unseen, someone from the church had one that they needed to get rid of because they were moving back to Utah for school. It was very nice of them to just give it away. Honestly I was expecting just a mattress and box springs, maybe with one of those metal frames. What I got was a nice wooden bedframe and headboard (king size I think) with a nice firm queen size mattress, a feather filled mattress cover (think pillow top cover. Anyone want it? I’m allergic to feathers…) AND a regular mattress cover on top of that. As we’re loading it all into the truck, it starts sprinkling again. Not really hard enough that I’m concerned at this point, the mattress covers should protect the mattress. On our way back to Boulder –it started to rain, then it poured. And by poured I mean cats and dogs…

When we got to the house we scrambled to get the mattress under cover, and then got –soaked- getting the bedframe into the garage. And then it started raining even harder…. I had to run back out to the truck for a forgotten part, and was soaked to the skin in under a minute.

We got the bedframe upstairs and put together; thankfully not all that difficult a task, but I was most grateful to have help with it. Then we had to haul the mattress up; I am fairly convinced that moving mattresses is the worst part of moving. They’re heavy, there’s nothing to hold on to, they don’t maneuver well at all, and about the only benefit is that they’re soft, so if they fall they likely won’t kill anyone. We did get it up the stairs, and placed, and then both agreed that we were pooped and weren’t going to get the last load until Tuesday.

Payment for friends helping you move is generally pizza and beer; we opted for Chinese instead. I do feel bad, I left a huge mess in the living room in Jamestown, but I’ll go back up this afternoon and get the last load and clean stuff up.

4 comments on “Moving is no fun…

  1. just me

    Mattresses are not as bad a pianos. The blessings of moving in Texas is that you seldom have to worry about rain. Sorry it was such a mess for you. I usually liked moving because it means a fresh start and new opportunities.

    1. Jessica

      Now that’s true…pianos are awful to move.

  2. Mark

    I feel your pain. I just lucked out and was able to avoid the rain. My issue was at my old place 4 people were moving the same day. with only 2 elevators, no parking, and about 60 yards and a flight of stairs from my place to the truck. At one point someone parked right behind the truck ramp. so we had to push in the ramp and lift everything by hand. 2 hours loading. 15min unloading.

    1. Jessica

      That sounds awful. I moved everything in my truck, and it took 3 loads. Luckily there were only a few really heavy items.

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