The Dating Professional

So by the title, dear reader, you might think that I mean the professional dater, someone who dates frequently, but is attached to none. In fact, I mean the Dating Professional – someone who, for a living, helps other people learn how to get dates, build their confidence, or in general increase their positive social interactions. The movie Hitch with Will Smith would be a sample. (Apparently you can actually make decent money doing this, who knew).

Last night my date and I met up at the Teahouse in Boulder. A lot of my dates end up happening in Denver or Westminster, so this was a pleasant change for me. Given that it was the end of the month, this was certainly easier on the pocketbook as well – gas is expensive! We did confirm in advance; after some of my recent experiences, it seemed prudent. Lo and behold, he was on time, looked like his photo, had bathed in the relatively recent past, and was dressed nicely! So far this was very promising.

Given that it was an evening date, I did think we might have dinner, but settled for tea instead (see above comment about end of the month). We chatted for a while –I told him about my blog, and he revealed that his primary industry was in fact, shall we say, interpersonal relations. Apparently for the past number of years, he’s been giving workshops in the north east on dating, running dating groups, and generally teaching men and women to be more attractive to the opposite sex. What an entertaining job! Bonus number 2 – he picked up the tab. As I’ve said in prior entries, I don’t expect men to pay all the time, but it is nice when they do.

We wandered around Boulder a bit after that, meandered along the creek and watched the bats until the bugs got too bad. Then I let him convince me to take a ride on his scooter – fun and convenient but I expect not really my thing. (I briefly toyed with the idea of getting a scooter, I’m glad I had the chance to ride one before I made the decision.)

When he dropped me off at my car, he was smart – he set up our next date then – I guess being a dating professional does give you some insights. Guys/girls – this is a great thing to do if you want a second date. Occasionally it doesn’t work out, but more often than not it does.

Now I can just hear some of you “A -dating professional- sure…what you mean is pickup artist…” Keep in mind, I’ve met a few of those too, but this didn’t seem to be one of them. Or if he is, he’s really good at it, and considerably less slimy than most. (And heck, pickup artists ARE entertaining, as long as you see them coming) On the whole, I’d say this was one of the better dates that I’ve had in the past month or so, and well worth a repeat visit.

2 comments on “The Dating Professional

  1. Just Me

    How do you think he will react to your public analysis? –assuming you are interested enough to keep the second date……..

    1. Jessica

      He wasn’t overly pleased 😉

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