Tea Dueling

Prepare to dunk

Now for something completely different. On Saturday, I spent the better part of the afternoon at a tea dueling competition.

One of my friends runs a company called Dryad Tea. If you’re a tea fan, I highly recommend checking it out. Anyway, she was hosting the tea dueling event, and as she’s a friend I signed up to help support her in her efforts. There are a certain segment of my friends (IFGS I mean you!) that I think would find this type of thing highly entertaining. For a description of tea dueling check out this blog.

At any rate, contestants are served a cup of tea, along with a selection of shortbreads. The contestants face off and are given the order to dunk their shortbread for a count of 5. They then remove the shortbread from the tea, and see who can last the longest before eating their cookie without it crumbling and falling on the table, or heaven forbid, in their tea.

I did not win the competition, but I did get points for having the longest, most memorable round. We had to call it a draw at 15 minutes. There were a surprising number of gentleman that participated in the event as well. In fact, one of them even won!

After the competition, I went on a lovely date with one of the organizers, and saw RED 2.  The gentleman in question is a wonderful fellow that I can recommend to most of my single friends. I suspect he is interested a relationship, and I am not, which means I have to tread carefully there, as he is also a friend.

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