House Hunting is the Pits

I started my house hunting in earnest last week. Almost immediately I was caught by someone running a rental scam. The repercussions of that have not yet been made manifest, but I’m keeping a close eye on my credit card. Needless to say, they did not call me back for a showing.

Friday I managed to set up an appointment with a guy renting out a ground level room with it’s own entrance out in Lyons. For those of you not from this area, Lyons is a charming town with several good restaurants and live music all the time. It’s in the foothills, but not really –in- the mountains. All told, I’ve heard it’s an excellent place to live. As it turns out, the house was ten miles on the other side of Lyons – this would make the commute in to work every day fairly significant. The mountain lion population is fairly high there, so it might not be the safest location for the pets, and I’m fairly certain that I wouldn’t enjoy living with three professional skydivers, in a house that smelled very much like pot.

The second place I looked at was even more interesting. An older gentleman was looking for some help with yard work/light farm work around his place, and had a separate apartment on the property that was going for $400 + utilities. Now for this area, that is a REALLY good price. I thought I’d check it out – I have no objection to doing a bit of yard work in exchange for rent.

I was a little nervous about going out to see this place. When I called the guy to see if he wanted me to bring my dog to meet his pets, he seemed really unfriendly. I decided to show up anyway. I try not to break appointments. When I got there, he actually turned out to be a decent seeming person, with a heavy accent. I’m still not sure from where, somewhere in South America I would surmise. He had three German Shepherds, two were very friendly, and one with a serious attitude problem, and a new litter of puppies. The yard work consisted of watering a LOT of trees, and weeding all around them, all by hand. The apartment was crammed full of his old furniture, and his mother’s old furniture – none of which he was willing to remove. In a 700 sq ft apartment, there were 4 couches, and the master bedroom was piled to the top with chairs, mattresses etc. Oh, and there was no Internet; definitely not the place for me.

The third place I looked at was not actually a place. I was interviewing a potential roommate who had a place in mind. She had a garage sale going on Saturday, so I waited until the evening to get together with her. In the interim, coffee shop guy from the other day was free, so we bummed around town for a couple of hours. He very dangerously introduced me to a used bookstore that I had never been to before. This is not the time for me to be bringing more stuff home.

Anyway, back to the potential roommate. She seemed very nice, but more than a little bit disorganized. She had a lovely dog, very friendly and laid back. She also managed to talk for 3 hours, and we still didn’t get around to the topic of how much for rent, where is the place, and when do they want someone in it. Still, I was considering her as a definite possibility.

While I was at church I got 8 text messages from the potential roommate that I met with yesterday. (Thankfully I had my ringer turned off) They all came in out of order, so required some deciphering on my part – but basically she wanted me to drive by and look at the house, but not disturb the current occupants or piss off the landlord.

After church I had one last place to look at. There was a gal on craigslist that was advertising a place but only would allow a dog or a cat. We exchanged a few emails and agreed to meet; she was willing to consider both my dog and cat. The place looked great! It’s in a great location, and the owner doesn’t seem crazy! The only problem is that there is no yard. But since it backs on to open-space I think I’ll be able to manage. Aslan (my dog) gets to come meet her cat on Wednesday. I have high hopes for this place, but don’t want to jinx myself.

Thankfully after all the stresses of house hunting, I managed a fun Sunday afternoon. I went and saw Animal House at the theater with a cute guy, and then went and saw A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Colorado Shakespeare festival. Definitely a good way to end a weekend.

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