The Policeman

3411156745_7d35b3cb11This was not my first online date, nor the craziest story I have, all told it just seems like a place to start, and an excellent illustration of why I prefer not to date men younger than myself. As with many of the men I’ve gone out with, I met him on OkCupid. I agreed to meet up with him because we had a, as he put it “crazy high match percentage”.

It took a while to arrange our first date, he lives in southern Colorado, and I live in northern Colorado, and even meeting in the middle it was a long drive. The distance in and of itself made things challenging, particularly since I don’t like chatting online, or excessive texting, I’d rather just get together and meet face to face. His pictures made him out to be relatively cute, if a bit on the skinny side.I planned our first date, and it went fairly well. We met up in Denver at Tattered Cover and then went out for sushi at Domo. He was full of interesting conversation about his work, a bit about a case he was working on, and various other topics. On the whole, I was feeling that this had some possibilities, and was worth the trouble it took to get together. That date ended well, with an agreement to get together again as soon as it could be arranged.

The second date was an unmitigated disaster. We met up in Colorado Springs, a town that neither of us was familiar with. He was in charge of planning this round, and we met up at a lovely little tea shop that I’ve since forgotten the name of. It started out ok…the tea shop was a good place to meet for lunch. We sat and chatted for about a half hour before we absolutely ran out of things to say to one another. Because it was such a long drive for both of us, we didn’t just give up there. Recommendation to readers: if it’s going badly, end it sooner rather than later

I asked what the plan was, and…there wasn’t one. Recommendation to guys: Have a plan, or at least a few ideas! We ended up wandering around a mostly dead mall in Colorado Springs for nearly two hours. Then, we ended up at a Starbucks, still with nothing to say to one another. We parted ways that evening, with a tentative agreement to try again, and an almost certain knowledge that we wouldn’t.

You would think it ended there. We did not set up another date, and I hadn’t really heard from him since, until about two weeks ago. He accidentally texted me a picture of his .. manly bits.. in full salute. Followed by three or four texts begging me not to open the attached picture and apologizing. Apparently he was trying to send the picture to someone else.  Having an IPhone of course, I didn’t have to open it; the picture just appeared in all of it’s glory. Isn’t technology wonderful. Needless to say, I will not be seeing him again.

3 comments on “The Policeman

  1. Mark

    I would not have even guessed at that last part… :0

  2. Faolen

    LOL, ok I gotta ask. Was the reason for no further dates with the Policeman because he texted you the photo or because of how under-welming the photo was? :)

    1. Jessica

      Well, the photo didn’t help, but it was more the second date that did it. And he lives more than 6 hours away, so logistics is a bit of a problem anyway

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