Déjà vu with tattoos


Have you ever seen someone that you’re sure you’ve seen before, but can’t place where it was? It’s apt that I’m writing this from the same location that it happened.

I was sitting in Starbucks (you may hear that a lot from me) getting some work done on my laptop one afternoon, when a guy walks in looking really very nervous. Being me, I take more than just a passing glance at him. He’s good looking, well built, slightly shorter than me, and covered in pretty distinctive tattoos…and I’m sure I’ve seen him somewhere before.

He comes in and sits at a table near me, still looking really nervous, and obviously not reading the book he brought…and he keeps looking at me like he knows me too. Eventually we strike up a conversation; he’s waiting on a blind date to arrive – hence the nervous, and he exacts a promise that I will text him something urgent if it looks like his date isn’t going well ( I’m planning on being there for another hour at least anyway). So we exchange phone numbers. At this point I am seriously amused at this random stranger asking me to extract him from a date situation… And right before his date arrives we figure out where we’ve seen each other before.

Watching him and his date was really entertaining, though not a very flattering character reference for him. Every time she looked away he’d look over at me and roll his eyes, or make a pleading -get me out of here- face. I did txt him once, but he opted not to take the out, so I left him to his misery.

As it turns out we had seen each other before. We’d checked each other out on OkCupid a few times and for whatever reason didn’t connect. (He gave me more than a little grief over that when we were setting up a date) We did eventually set up a date for later the next week.

The date was fine…hard to go wrong with a coffee date at Starbucks, but we had seriously different goals, so didn’t opt to get together again. Except that every time I had a coffee date at that Starbucks, for months afterwards, we would run into each other. It was entertainingly awkward to introduce him to whoever I was with; although he was attractive, he was also intimidating with all of his tattoos! It never failed, if he was around, he always came over to say hi and chat. I haven’t seen him at this location in several months, so perhaps he’s moved on. Or maybe he’s just waiting to pop up again later!

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