The often crazy world of online dating

I’ve been dipping my toes into online dating for many years. No, I wasn’t cheating on my significant other, or looking for a replacement for him, it was a way to meet new people and keep life interesting, and was entirely above board on all sides. After some of the dates I’ve had recently, and the funny stories that have come out of them, I thought I would share. I’ll be changing the names of my dates or giving them well deserved nicknames to protect their privacy (and because there’s a very real chance that I don’t remember their actual name and don’t want to). Friends, if you guess their identity, please keep it to yourself.

Currently in life I’m dating for fun, and not looking for a significant other. (I probably won’t turn one down if he turns up though!)  I want to explore the single side of things for a change and only be responsible for myself. I don’t believe in paying to meet people, so I use OkCupid as my primary dating site. I’m also on…which technically isn’t online dating, but still provides some good stories.

I’ll post fairly frequently until I get caught up to where I am with dating, and then you’ll get them as I do! I’ve got a few friends that are also recently single, and they may appear as guest bloggers now and again as well.


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